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Posted on abd-admin at September 20th, 2022

Commander Schooling System Abdullah Sports Towers Campus and Abdullah Group organized a grand function in connection with Defense Day in Abdullah Mall. The ceremony was attended by school’s Owner commander Zulfiqar Memon, principal of the campus, teachers, students, parents of students and a large number of residents of Abdullah Sports Towers. The ceremony was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the singing of the national anthem.

Addressing the ceremony, Commander Zulfiqar Memon, highlighted the importance of Defense Day and the eternal sacrifices of the Pakistan Army.

On this occasion, the students of the school gave speeches to highlight the sacrifices and unparalleled professionalism of the Pakistan Army for the defense of the country. The children captivated the audience by singing the national songs of Pakistan on this occasion. Prizes were also awarded to the best performing students. A musical night was also organized at the end of the event. In this musical night, local artistes performed their art and received applause from the audience.